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Cut The Sugar

Cut the sugar out and see the benefits: feel amazing & see your skin improve!

The body does not need added sugar and it has been running on the wrong fuel all this time.

Following a ketogenic diet; You have to reduce sugar consumption to reach a state of ketosis but you don’t have to say no to all sweeteners just chose the right ones and eat them in moderations.

Refined sugars are a no-no, but we have learned that there are healthy substitutes available that you can use when making your favourite deserts.

So how does it work and why?

Sugar is sucrose, which is made up of 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Fructose turns to fat in the liver and suffering a fatty liver disease can double the production of insulin and turn into diabetes.

Therefore cutting out refined sugar means your liver can process nutrients and remove toxins easier, regulate metabolism, deals with fat accumulation.

We love Locako's Monk Fruit Sweetener, available through our treat boxes. 

For us it is not just about a diet, It is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle!