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Meet the Founder & Learn About his Expertise

"Feeling Energised and having gained Clarity was my #1 most important WIN that the Keto Lifestyle provided me with."


Keto Diet Expert & Coach

"In my early years of adulthood, I was struggling to maintain a desired weight, despite my active lifestyle. Which let me feel disappointed!

Furthermore my energy levels suffered regardless of which diet 

I tried,...and I tried lots of them.

Finally after years, I gave the Keto Diet a chance, and once I started everything changed for me to the better. I saw an instant increase in energy which helped me to focus on my hobbies after work and

overall shred the unwanted kilos to my ideal weight.

The ketogenic lifestyle can be the solution for many dietaries issues our society faces today, like obesity, diabetes and brain health.

But it is not only about what you eat, it is also important to know how it has been made!

On my journey I was researching every nutrition label and its ingredient on it. And oh boy I learned a lot!

I decided it was time to pass on my knowledge and MyKetoTreats was born! Through MKT I want to help others to maintain a healthy lifestyle easily and provide access to good keto treat choices.

The Ketogenic diet is meant to be simple. "Simple" doesn't always mean convenient but "Simple" doesn't mean boring either!

Simple means "know your food source", eat good hearty fats and get creative with it.

I truly became not only happier and healthier but also am a advocate for nutritious food and resourceful living."

Enrique Rios Certified Ketogenic Diet Health Coach is offering One-on-One Keto Diet Coaching Session for those that want to learn how do it right from the start! For more Info Check out our Kickstarter Program.