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Resourceful Living

Enrique & Martina, the Co-founders of MKT care about the planet. We know that everyone is accountable for its own actions and choices, we make every day. As a business we want to serve you as a customer and our planet by striving to choose the right partners, packaging options and resources that are available to us.

 We want to support the local business community and with this we mean NZ-Australian owned businesses as we love living in this country and strongly believe we need to be more supporting of each other for a longer sustainable common goal.

 Where we have the influence with our own packaging material, we choose the most recyclable options available that are suitable for our own MKT brands.

We want to be part of a movement supporting innovation that helps develop smart sustainable technologies that enhance every aspect of human needs.

Our picked charities all focus on research and try to tackle the problem at its source. MKT will introduce to give you the choice to choose to support this initiative with every monthly order, we are all in this together and every little step will make a difference.

Ultimately, we are all living off the same resources and if you have want to share an idea of, we would love to hear it.