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Type: Salt

Formulated specially for people transitioning to low-carb or keto diets, the Getting Started Pack will:

  • Replace essential macro minerals lost during low-carb transition
  • Help you avoid or reduce the impact of ‘keto flu’
  • Allow you to tailor your macro mineral intake to meet your personal needs

Ancient Lakes Keto Salt contains a balanced blend of sodium, potassium and magnesium – all minerals that people on a low-carb diet need to consume in greater amounts.

The pack also includes our Concentrated Ionic Magnesium drops to boost your daily magnesium intake even further.

The Getting Started Pack contains:

  • Keto Salt 425g
  • Concentrated Ionic Magnesium drops 100ml

 Available Option to replace Keto Salt with  Electrolytes Salt

  • Essential Electrolytes 425g
  • Concentrated Ionic Magnesium drops 100ml

Ancient Lakes Mineral Balance Essential Electrolytes is a specialised blend of essential, naturally-derived macro minerals to help supplement and replace electrolytes.

Products are 100% Australian owned and our products are sourced from Lake Deborah in Western Australia