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"Feeling Energised and having gained Clarity was my #1 most important WIN that the Keto Lifestyle provided me with."



MKT is a child of passion, the result of a personal journey Co-Founder Enrique took, the experience of how it improved his fitness & health goals and finally the challenges he was phased with.  With MyKetoTreats Enrique wants to make your ketogenic diet journey easier, help you to maintain and reach your personal goals and finally save you the time, having to research for the right products for hours.
"I learned to read the labels correctly and chose products by one simple rule and formula that supports keto, no-sugar and low-carb diets. My main goal is to provide you with snacks/treats that keep your insulin levels low and don’t waste your daily limit of carb- intake in one bite. "

Gain Energy and save time so you can live your life to the fullest.

We want to help you to feel empowered to live a healthy feel-good lifestyle. No matter how much you work or how busy you are with your kids, studies or hobbies. With our service we hope to provide you with an easy solution to reach your goals set, so you don’t have to compromise your personal fitness, beauty or health goals and get the energy to focus on what matters in your life to be happy.
MyKetoTreats boxed to your door!
MKT membership boxes are made for you to help you stay on your track by having the right treat on your hand when you need it. Whether that is after the gym, while you are in the car or just in your kitchen cabinet for when you need it. After all we don’t always have time to read every label and evaluate everything we eat while we are managing our busy life schedules.
Our memberships are catered to suit your needs whether it is just a treat or something more substantial. The products are hand selected  by Enrique who is a certified Keto Diet Health Coach so they meet his standards.
"I truly became not only happier and healthier but also am an advocate for nutritious food and resourceful living."