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Why MyKetoTreats


Experience a Healthy & Energised Lifestyle and what it means to be Clear and Focused!

Be confident sustaining your ideal Figure & Health without the Yo-Yo Effect!

Eat Well and Lose unwanted body fat without starving yourself!  Learn how to successfully maintain a Ketogenic or Low-carb, No-sugar Lifestyle!

Join the MKT Community and SAVE TIME that you would rather spend with your friends & family!





There is no question that I made the right choice when I signed up for the MKT monthly subscription box! The box is filled with yummy treats to get me through the month.  I would encourage anyone who wants to feel good and have access to truly nourishing food, no matter what diet they are on." Jacky M.
“I tried to make sense of this jungle of "healthy food and low-carb" labels and got lost. Without a doubt, Enrique is THE EXPERT when it comes to knowing how to pick the right treats."  Damian R.

"Despite not having much time with a newborn - after the pregnancy I signed up to MyKetoTreats, which was the catalyser to my journey of low-carb diet and weight loss. I absolutely love the fact that I don't have to waste time on research nor worry about all the detail. I simply just enjoy my treats.  "  Magali L. 



There is a lot of Poor Advice

There is a lot of confusing information out there and it takes time to find the right sources and even some labels, claiming being healthy, organic or keto friendly still are full of refined sugars, 'bad' oils or come with too many carbohydrates. Because we care about what we put into our bodies, we take the time to evaluate our options.

Supporting Real Transformation

Healthy living goes beyond just food; Once you make the decision to priorities what is important instead of what is urgent; you will develop mental clarity and focus on who you want to be. Committing to fitness and health is often only the starting point of a personal transformation journey including to mental health. 

Make a positive impact

We choose to consciously align ourselves with business partners that share our values of how they source and manufacture their products. We strive to make the best possible decisions to support sustainable solutions and innovations.  We are committed to leave a positive impact on our environment as we see ourselves connected as all one that is living.